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Book Introduction:



If you Ask the women at our church, Hallel Chapel, most will probably tell you, "Pastor T. isn’t the biggest fan of freshly-cut flowers".  It’s true, unfortunately.  Ask my husband, and he will agree that I am not a fan; although I love receiving them.  I love how they look in their temporary state of "gorgeous-ness"; however, my difficulty is that fresh-cut flowers don’t stay fresh very long, because they’re on their way to the big green garbage bin in the sky, an early grave. Cut flowers, no matter how pretty, are disconnected from their source of life. We can add a drop of bleach, a copper penny, flower food from the little packets, and even change the water in the vase daily, but ultimately, they’ve been murdered and are going to an early grave.


Have you ever received a bouquet of roses? Don’t you just love the gorgeous, untainted bud of the flower? We’ve gotten so accustomed to seeing a half-opened rose that we don’t even remember what a rose in full bloom looks like. Have you seen a bloomed rose before? All the petals are poised and opened, not afraid of the atmosphere, sun, or insects. It is quite beautiful to see a rose in full bloom, but you’ll usually need to see a rose bush to see the fullness of the rose.


To bloom means to come into or be in full beauty or health. It is the state or period of greatest beauty, freshness, or vigor. To bloom is to be radiant and glowing; it is to flourish, to thrive.  Just like a rose, you may have been cut and currently exist in a bud phase where you are pretty but not radiant, cute but not beautiful, rich but not wealthy. This is where godly coaching is required. The Lord didn’t give you breath so you could simply be a bud in a vase. He has plans to give you extraordinary life that will flourish with a radiant glow of vigor.


Now, to open up and bloom according to your planned design, you’ll need to be coached from a spiritual platform. This is where the Coaching YOU book comes into …bloom…(yep, I couldn’t resist) in the garden of your soul.  You’ll understand it better as we progress, but for now… just know the best of you is yet to be seen.


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