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Books are building tools. Books can transform your life with application. Order information and digest it into your life blood stream. Take it in, live with it, and work it out daily! Answer the questions to generate thought and action. Books are more than paper. Books are building tools. These books are designed for YOU.

Coaching YOU

is a thought provoking series of questions and answers to motivate you, the reader, to examine your journey to blooming. Coaching YOU connects the woman you want to be to the girl you once were. It exposes ego but molds gentleness.

Coaching YOU defines the 4 step process to your spiritual development, so no matter where you are in building your Faith, you have a sense of direction. The Coaching Declarations will inspire you to maximize your walk with God. Ultimately, this book inspires you to be the YOU the Creator intended and offers a roadmap for success.


  • Do you know who you are?

  • Are you who God created you to be?

  • Do you know who God is?

  • Who cut in on you and kept you from developing?

No Room for Excuses

is written especially for those who are on the verge of missing the best moments in life, because they are padlocked to their circumstances by the chain of Excuses. All of us have been there before... afraid to move forward in life due to very valid Excuses. Somehow we convince ourselves that if we have a "great reason" for our life paralysis, then we can be justified in never accomplishing our life purpose. Most people frozen by their predicament are packed with a very precious commodity called potential! It breaks the chain of Excuses and drives you over the hurdle to success!


No Room for Excuses addresses your greatest challenges to advancement by giving popular Excuses biblical individuals used or could have used to tell God why they couldn't achieve their purpose or live life to the fullest.

Supernaturally Attractive

(limited copies available - selling until inventory runs out​)

Is spiritual attraction more powerful than physical attraction? Discover the truth about God's plan for relationships and what really makes you Supernaturally Attractive. A pretty face or muscular body may create a strong natural attraction, but the author digs beneath the surface of human attraction to help the reader discover the supernatural attributes that can take us beyond superficial romance into a deep and lasting relationship.



  • the attack of insecurity

  • romancing a friend

  • jealousy v. envy

  • holy or whorish

  • dating with disadvantages


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