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A Coach with battle scars.

I know Theresa as the girl that had to overcome obstacles early in life. I know Theresa as the girl that rallies women to find their worth. I know Theresa as the woman that has spent years discipling ladies in spiritual development.  I know Theresa as the woman that wants to see you bloom. She's equipped and ready to offer principles of growth. This read will expand your journey!

Mrs. Fawn Weaver

New York Times 

bestselling author of

The Argument Free Marriage



Pastor Theresa McFaddin Ordell grew up against the odds... Black, female, sickly, but not defeated! When the world said she would never be considered naturally attractive, she decided to become Supernaturally Attractive! Theresa is an unparalleled Bible teacher that travels across the country offering keys of freedom to those bound in rejection and insecurity. She searches for "peculiar people" and gives them hope for living. Known for her testimony of conquering many physical challenges, beginning with being born with three fingers on each hand and orthopedic discrepancies with the length of her legs, she has truly fought for her identity in Christ!


While a student at Howard University, Theresa served as an intern and worked for the National Right to Life Committee. It was during this time that she began to develop her skills as a speaker, writer, and encourager for people who have been dumped on the trash piles of life. Years later, Theresa returned to California and earned her bachelors degree from Azusa Pacific University in Business Management with a minor in Biblical Studies. After being mentored by many powerful Christian leaders, serving in ministry for several years, and preaching the gospel with full authority, Theresa was licensed and ordained in November 1997. She then served as the Youth Pastor at the Straight Gate Church in Detroit, Michigan under Bishop Andrew Merritt who is her spiritual father.


Pastor T. has previously served as a former Board of Directors member for the Christian Entertainers Fellowship under the leadership of Pastor Frank Wilson in Los Angeles, California. She passionately served for a decade as the founding President of Sisters Inspiring Sisters (referred to as SiS), an organization designed to offer spiritual support and training for young adult women (between the ages of 20 and 35) and involve them in community service. The group offered on-call lay counseling, weekly discipleship classes, monthly Bible study and prayer, quarterly service events, and was the original sponsor of the infamous, annual summer retreat, "A Date with God" gathering women from all over the country. Her very specific focus on mentoring young adult women required extensive research and development of uncommon ministry materials. As a result Theresa is the author of four books: Supernaturally Attractive for single men and women; SavedSexyCool for the young adult contemporary woman; No Room for Excuses, written for any person plagued by failed attempts to reach their purpose; and her latest, Coaching YOU. In addition, she has written an in-depth one-year discipleship curriculum, which is the foundation of the distinctive weekly discipleship class called Me Management. Me Management became the first intensive discipleship program geared specifically towards the young, fast-paced, urban audience. It includes concentrated biblical training through memorization, homework and life application. Women are challenged in critical life development for proper peer relationships and spiritual accountability to the call of bearing the name of Christ. Since its formation, Me Management has been taught in several churches and ministries for over 12 years graduating several classes of young women tough enough to complete the vigorous and demanding work.


Although she has been mistaken by her peers as unassuming, she is full of focus, anointing, and direction in regards to God's purpose for her life. With limited resources and lots of guts and initiative, Pastor Theresa Ordell has dug deep into the urban fabric of this nation trailblazing effort often untapped by any other woman in the Body of Christ. This little 4' 11" package of a lady holds a big surprise for those who are blessed to experience her distinctive teaching, training and mentoring gifts!


Theresa is the daughter of author and Evangelist Terri McFaddin Solomon. After being single for many years, Theresa married her best friend, Darryl Ordell, at the age of 41, proving that miracles happen at every stage of life. Although she battled doctor’s reports that she would probably never have children, Darryl and Theresa celebrated the birth of their daughter, Iris Grace, after she underwent two major surgeries that could have proved otherwise. Currently, Pastor T. is currently working on her doctorate in education and leadership at Baylor University while teaching disenfranchised students.  She formerly served as the COO of Claris Health a non-profit agency offering a variety of services through their medical clinics and support programs.

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