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No Room For Excuses: Your Potential Awaits! All of us have been there before... afraid to move forward in life due to very valid EXCUSES! Somehow we convince ourselves that if we have a great reason for our life paralysis, then we can be justified in never accomplishing our life purpose. I remember being in the 4th grade trying to explain to my teacher why I had not completed my homework. She listened on as I rambled and created a most fabulous reason; nevertheless, she reprimanded me for coming up with such an unnecessary EXCUSE! This book series is written especially for those who are on the verge of missing the best moments in life, because they are padlocked to their circumstances by the chain of EXCUSE. It never fails that most people frozen by their predicament are packed with a very precious commodity called POTENTIAL! Yes, potential is the key that breaks the chain of EXCUSES! POTENTIAL is the power that can drive you over the hurdle to good success.

No Room for Excuses

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